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中生醫健為會員提供醫療及健康資訊 | Health & Information for Members

服務範圍 What We Provide

醫生提供健康咨詢、醫療服務轉介、解讀體檢及基因報告、細胞保健、美容保健。 Professional consultations, referals, interpretation of medical and genetic reports, cell care, beauty care.

中生控股集團 CLS

中國生命科學控股集團,簡稱中生控股(CLS),致力於將國際尖端技術應用於基因檢測、精準醫療、細胞保健、生命銀行、生命系統管理等方面。 China Life Science Holding Group (CLS) is committed to providing precision medical care and management using international gold-standard sequencing technology.

Mission & Vision

Understand our members’ needs and provide high quality and preventive health care services.
Continuously improve our service standards to create an ideal and comfortable environment for our customers.


Incorporating member needs into organisational decisions, China Life Science Holding Group Ltd (CLS) established China Life Medical Centre (CLMC), offering comprehensive and extensive health advisory services for its members.
The Centre works with more than 30 specialist clinics to provide personalised services for our clients. Members can be adequately cared for according to their personal needs and obtain valuable information to make the best choice for their health.

中生控股(CLS)根據會員的需求,特成立香港中生醫健中心,為會員提供全面及廣泛的健康諮詢服務。 本醫健中心與超過三十間的專科診所攜手合作,旨在為客戶提供貼心服務;會員可就個人的需要得到充分的照顧,獲悉有價值的資訊以對健康作出最適合的選擇。

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